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Bearcat BC-125AT
Handheld Scanner

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  Bearcat BC-125AT

The Bearcat BC-125AT is a very affordable 500 channel (ten banks of 50) scanner with great features. The Priority Scan with Do Not Disturb function lets you program one channel in each bank (10 in all) and then have the scanner check each channel every 2 seconds while it scans the banks so you donít miss transmissions on those channels. The channels can be alpha-tagged. Do-Not Disturb keeps the scanner from interrupting transmissions during receiving. You can also lock out up to 200 search frequencies (100 temporary frequencies and 100 permanent frequencies) in Custom Search, Service Search, Close Call Search, or Quick Search Modes.

Frequency coverage is 25-54, 108-174, 225-380 and 400-512 MHz. It has Uniden's Close Call® RF Capture Technology that instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters. The Priority Scan function scans the channels you have designated as priority channels. The Delay function helps prevent missed replies during 2-way conversations. Operation is straight forward. There are ten service banks with preset frequencies for: Police, Fire/Emergency, Ham, Marine, Railroad, Civil Air, Military Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and Racing banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls and search any or all of these banks. The Weather Alert Priority feature scans active weather channels every 5 seconds to check for the presence of a 1050 Hz Weather Alert Tone. You can program a CTCSS or DCS frequency into the BC-125AT to monitor systems using a CTCSS or DCS tones. This radio will support NFM (narrow FM) for all the conventional channels that are heading toward narrow banding by 2013.

The backlit full frequency LCD display makes for easy night time operation. Operation is from two AA cells providing flexibility in choice of batteries: Alkaline for long life, rechargeable (supplied) for economy. The batteries charge while in the scanner. The included NiMH AA batteries may be charged from a USB power source (such as a PC) or the optional USB AC adapter via the included USB cable.

The BC-125AT comes with:   two NiMH AA batteries, belt clip, flexible BNC antenna, USB cable and Owner's Manual.

Frequency Range
  •   25-  30 Amateur Band 10 Meters
  •   30-  50 VHF Low Band
  •   50-  54 Ham Band 6 Meters
  • 108-137 Aircraft Band
  • 137-144 Federal Government
  • 144-148 Amateur Band 2 Meters
  • 148-174 VHF High Band
  • 225-380 Military Aircraft Band
  • 400-420 Federal Government
  • 420-450 Amateur Band 70 Cm
  • 450-470 UHF Band
  • 470-512 UHF "T" Band

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#6707 USB2A USB 2A Single output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 2000 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
$9.95 Order
   1128 DUAL 3A Dual output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 3400 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
  AT0218 AT0218 Uniden standard flexible antenna (6.5 inches, BNC base) [as supplied] VIEW Discontinued
  CASE 01-581776 Nylon carry case with snap type belt loop. INFO Discontinued
#2454 12BNSO 12BNSO Twelve inch RG58U coaxial jumper cable to safely
connect a PL259 type antenna to the BNC antenna jack.  VIEW
$5.95 Order

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