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Bearcat BC246T
Handheld Scanner


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  Bearcat 246T

The Bearcat BC-246T features third generation TrunkTracking III technology supporting Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Analog Trunking. The BC246T introduces several innovative new features, including Uniden’s exclusive Close Call™ RF Capture Technology. The BC246T uses a dynamically allocated memory system, allowing the user to program up to 2500 channels (1600 typical) into any configuration desired. While traditional scanners have been limited to only ten banks, the BC246T groups channels into systems, allowing for 200 or more systems to be programmed and scanned simultaneously. Systems can still be quickly enabled or disabled using the 0-9 keys, and each system can have up to 10 groups of channels that are also available for quick selection. Uniden’s exclusive Close Call™ RF Capture Technology zeroes in on nearby transmissions without the need for programming, even when the BC246T is in other modes, scanning, searching or holding on a frequency. For example, if someone transmits within a few hundred feet (range depends on transmit power and other radio traffic in the area), the scanner immediately detects and tunes to the transmission, ideal for use at events when the frequency being used is unknown. And frequency coverage is great. You get VHF low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF, 800 MHz Public Service (less cellular) and even the 1.24-1.3 GHz ham band.

Other refinements include:  cool keypad, SAME weather alert, backlit display, CTCSS/DCS rapid decode and compact size (4½” x 2¾” x 1¼”).

The BC246T comes with two NiMH AA batteries, AD-0008 AC adapter for internal recharging, belt clip, BNC antenna, DB9 PC cable, wrist strap, and Owner's Manual. There is a small slide switch in the battery compartment to select either NiMH or alkaline batteries. Be sure this switch is set correctly. Do not attempt to recharge alkaline batteries.

Frequency Range
  •   25-  30 Amateur Band 10 Meters
  •   30-  50 VHF Low Band
  •   50-  54 Ham Band 6 Meters
  • 108-137 Aircraft Band
  • 137-144 Federal Government
  • 144-148 Amateur Band 2 Meters
  • 148-174 VHF High Band
  • 216-225 Amateur Band
  • 406-420 Federal Government
  • 420-450 Amateur Band 70 Cm
  • 450-470 UHF Band
  • 470-512 UHF "T" Band
  • 806-956 800 MHz Band (less cellular)
  • 1240-1300 Amateur Band

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   AD0008 AC adapter. [6VDC 500mA +]. (As supplied). INFO Not In Stock
  AT0218 Uniden standard flexible antenna (6.5 inches, BNC base)
[as supplied] VIEW
Not In Stock
  A2827BSC Durus protective carry case with swivel clip. MORE INFO Discontinued
#4764 USB1 USB cable. $39.95
$31. 98
  Dragon DC6VDC Cigarette lighter power adapter with LED [6VDC 500mA +]. Discontinued

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