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  GRE PSR-310

The GRE PSR-310 triple trunking handheld scanner offers a host of features and some new technologies. Frequency coverage is extensive including:  25-54, 108-174, 216.0025-512, 764-781.996875, 791-796.996875, 806-823.9875, 849-868.9875, 894-960, 1240-1300 MHz. Available frequency steps include:  3.125, 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz. This radio includes coverage of the new 700 MHz band, new 380 MHz federal band and has upgradable CPU firmware in support of future rebanding. The vast memory system can store 40744 objects in 20 dynamically allocated scan lists. The multi-system trunking capability scans most common trunked radio system signaling formats, including Motorola, EDACS Standard, EDACS Narrow, and LTR trunked radio systems. Talkgroup call and individual call monitoring are supported. You get CTCSS and DCS sub-audible encoded squelch modes. A spectrum sweep function detects nearby unknown signals. Five pre-programmed band searches are available (Marine, Fire/Police, Air, Amateur and Weather). Programmable multi-color LED can be configured to illuminate or flash when certain objects are active. The full dot matrix bitmap LCD display has a real-time S-Meter. The weather alert capability features SAME receiving with 10 FIPS area memories plus there is a Skywarn function for one button access to to storm spotter networks. This radio scans at 55 channel per second and sweeps at 90 steps per second. You can easily keep your radio current with software enhancements as they become available with free upgrades from

The PSR-310 comes with a flexible BNC antenna, manual, belt clip, AC adapter, alkaline battery holder (black) and rechargeable battery holder (yellow). Requires four AA cells (not supplied).

Frequency Range
  •   25-  30 Amateur Band 10 Meters
  •   30-  50 VHF Low Band
  •   50-  54 Ham Band 6 Meters
  • 108-137 Aircraft Band
  • 137-144 Federal Government
  • 144-148 Amateur Band 2 Meters
  • 148-174 VHF High Band
  • 216-405 UHF Mil Air Band
  • 406-420 Federal Government
  • 420-450 Amateur Band 70 Cm
  • 450-470 UHF Band
  • 470-512 UHF "T" Band
  • 764-782 800 MHz Band
  • 791-797 800 MHz Band
  • 806-823 800 MHz Band
  • 849-869 800 MHz Band
  • 894-960 800 MHz Band
  • 1240-1300 Amateur Band

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  100-014 DC Car Power Adapter with LED VIEW. Discontinued
  100-016 USB interface cable INFO. Discontinued
  Super Amp Preamp 100 MHz - 1 GHz INFO. Discontinued
  Butel ARC 310 Sophisticated PSR310/410 control software CD. Discontinued

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