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  Bearcat BC898T CTCSS DCS

Your BC898T can monitor systems using Continuous Tone Control Squelch (CTCSS) and Digital Coded Squelch systems which allow your Squelch to open only when the tone you have programmed with a specific frequency is received along with the voice transmission.

CTCSS and DCS are subaudible tones sometimes referred to as PL® (Motorola's trademark term for Private Line®). CTCSS and DCS are used only for FM signals and are in use by both amateur and commercial repeaters.

CTCSS and DCS are used for many purposes. Typically CTCSS and DCS are used to restrict access to a radio repeater. Some repeaters will not engage unless they receive this special tone. This somewhat restricts the use of the repeater to authorized users.

CTCSS and DCS are also used in areas where interference is a factor. You can code each received frequency with its specific CTCSS or DCS tone. Then when you receive multiple signals, you will only hear the transmission with the CTCSS or DCS tone you programmed. If you do not receive the correct tone with the signal, your scanner's squelch remains "closed" and you hear nothing. (It is necessary for you determine the CTCSS/DCS tone in use).

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