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Bearcat 3000XLT
Handheld Scanner


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The Bearcat BC3000XLT 400 channel scanner offers exceptional coverage with super fast TurboScan scanning up to 100 channels per second. Tuning step increments can be selected at 5, 12.5, 25, 50 kHz or auto. Automatic store searches and stores frequencies to an available channel. Automatic sorting optimizes memory scanning. The data skip function skips over unwanted data transmissions and reduces birdies.

The BC3000 came with NiCad battery pack, AC adapter/charger, flex antenna, belt clip and earphone.

Only 7.4" H x 2.7"W x 1.5"D. 13.0 oz.

  • 25 -550 MHz
  • 760-1300 MHz (less cellular)
  • AM, WFM, NFM
  • 400 Memories
  • 10 Priority Channels
  • Automatic Store
  • Channel Lockout Key
  • Data Skip
  • Attenuator
  • Frequency Transfer
  • Automatic Sorting

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