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ARC898T Software

The ARC898T Software is designed expressly for the Uniden Bearcat BC898T. ARC898T includes the most versatile memory editor available on the market. It comes on a CD.
Features include:
Store Unlimited number of configurations on your harddisk.
ARC898 uses same file format as popular ARC250 software!
Program memory channel frequency, delay / Lockout / trunk.
For your convenience you can program channel and id tags in the software
Virtual Control displays alpha tags!
Copy/Move/Swap memory banks / memory channels
Easy FCC Frequency Database access (ARC8 webcatcher imports frequencies from icom pcr100/1000 format files)
Compatible with Windows 98 / ME / Win2000 / XP.
Low CPU load.
Easy user interface
All updates are free for registered users
Create FREE custom files for your local area online.
Setup your Uniden BC898T in an easy spreadsheet type interface.
Setup your own memory bank 'tags'(software use only!).
User Manual (45 pages, PDF file)

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