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Bearcat BC9000XLT
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The Uniden Bearcat BC9000XLT is a scanner offering great frequency coverage. This models covers virtually every frequency from 25 MHz to 1300 MHz (less cellular). It receives military frequencies not found on most other scanners. You get 500 channels organized in 20 banks of 25 channels each. A VFO control (manual tuning knob) enables fast selection of memories or frequencies. TurboScan allows you to scan up to 100 channels per second and TurboSearch lets you select either 100 or 300 steps per second when searching VHF frequencies. The automatic store feature searches out active frequencies and automatically stores them for you in an available memory location. Selectable mode allows you to change the default receiving mode (AM, FM-wide or FM-narrow) to hear all the action.

Advanced features include:  Two Line Alpha LCD, Delay key (2 seconds), Channel Lockout, Data Skip (the scanner skips over non-voice channels), Backlight Dimmer, High Cut Audio Filter and tape recorder activation.

External jacks include:  BNC antenna, external speaker, line out, aux jack and DC power. The BC9000XLT comes with: AC adapter, telescopic antenna and Owner's Manual. Size:  10.5 x 3.5 x 7.375 inches.

  •   25-  550 MHz
  • 760-  824 MHz
  • 849-  869 MHz
  • 894-1300 MHz

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