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The Uniden Bearcat BCT8 is a sophisticated, yet very affordable scanner that is both preprogrammed and user programmable. This is a sophisticated, multi-band highway communication system that responds to special secondary transmitters installed on most highway patrol vehicles across the United States. Enjoy 13 band coverage including the aircraft band. The BCT8 is fully preprogrammed for all 50 states. This preprogramming gives you instant use. This scanner also includes TrunkTracker III (EDACSTM, Motorola, E.F. Johnson) technology offering search for and monitor all the groups within a specific trunked system. You can lockout unwanted groups during the search and save other groups to scan lists. You get 250 memories in five banks of fifty. Scan the CB band (AM) and receive all NOAA weather channels. The BCT8 can search up to 13 different frequency ranges so you can discover new stations in your area. The large LCD is backlit. And the keypad is backlit too!

External jacks on the rear panel include:  BNC antenna, DB9 RS232 PC port, external speaker and DC power. This radio comes with an AD-140U AC adapter for home use, a vehicle fused DC power cable (red/black), MB008 mobile mounting kit, a DC cigarette lighter cord, a BNC telescopic whip antenna for home use and a BNC window-mount wire antenna with two suction cups. An Owner's Manual and PC CD are also supplied. The PC cable is optional. Size:  7.125 x 2.35 x 6.6 inches 38 oz.

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  01-530686 PC serial cable. DB9 type 6 foot (1.8 m). VIEW Discontinued
  Butel ARC 8 Sophisticated BCT8 control software CD. INFO Discontinued

Reminder ... the use of scanners (especially in vehicles) is restricted in some localities.

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