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Bearcat BC 250D
Handheld Scanner


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  Bearcat 250d

The Bearcat BC-250D scanner covers from 25 to 1300 MHz (less cellular and UHF TV) in 27 bands. It has 1000 channels (10 x 100). Sophisticated total channel control allows the user to program: delay, step, mode priority and attenuation on a per-channel basis. This scanner also has twelve preprogrammed service searches. Trunk tracking is supported. This scanner will also serve as a S.A.M.E. weather alert monitor and has one-touch weather. Additional features include: full frequency display, backlit keypad, rubberized grips, alphanumeric tagging, turbo scan, clone mode, CTCSS/DCS, beep alert, data skip, attenuator, VFO roller control, backlit holographic LCD and more.

With the addition of the optional Bearcat APCO 25 card digital card, you will be able to monitor both analog and some digital radio transmissions. This same card may also be plugged into the BC785D. (The BC250DID version #3273 includes the APCO 25 card).

This radio comes with a spring loaded belt clip, flexible BNC antenna, AD-600U AC adapter, Ni-MH battery (BP250), serial PC cable [DB9], Trunk Tracker Frequency Guide and E-Scanner Software CD [for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP].

[The BC250DID version #3273 came with the APCO 25 card.]

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  Bearcat BCi-25D APCO 25 Card. MORE INFO Discontinued
  BP  250 NiMH battery pack 4.8 V 1500 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  BP1200 NiMH battery pack 4.8 V 1200 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  BP1600 NiMH battery pack 4.8 V 1600 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  Butel ARC 250 BA Basic control software CD. INFO Discontinued
  Dragon DBC1 Coiled cigaretter lighter power cord (fused). VIEW Discontinued
  Durus A250 Carry case. MORE INFO Discontinued

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