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Bearcat 80XLT
Handheld Scanner


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The Bearcat BC-80XLT features 11 band coverage including the 800 MHz band. You get 50 channels with a full frequency, illuminated, LCD. Other features include: Band Search, One Touch Weather, Band Search, Channel Lockout, Keypad Lock, Low Battery Indicator and Manual Channel Access. This radio has a 3.5mm mini earphone jack and a 12 VDC input jack. Inside the battery compartment there is a switch for using either 4 AA NiCad, NiMH cells or 4 AA Alkaline cells (the AA cells are not supplied).

This scanner comes with a BNC type flexible rubber antenna, AD-70U AC adapter, belt clip, earphone and Owner's Manual. 2.675 x 6.875 x 1.5 inches. 11 oz.

Frequency Range
  •   29-  30 Ham Band 10 Meters
  •   30-  50 VHF Low
  •   50-  54 Ham Band 6 Meters
  • 137-144 Federal Government
  • 144-148 Ham Band 2 Meters
  • 148-174 VHF High Band
  • 406-420 Federal Government
  • 420-450 Ham Band 70 Cm
  • 450-470 UHF Band
  • 470-512 UHF "T" Band
  • 806-956 800 MHz Band (less cellular)

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#3566 AT0218 Uniden standard flexible antenna (6.5 inches, BNC base) [as supplied] VIEW Discontinued
  UA-502A Coiled cigarette lighter power cord (fused). Discontinued

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