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The Scanner Master AutoMute-780 automatically mutes the audio of the Bearcat 780 whenever you key the microphone of any two-way transmitter in your vehicle. This eliminates feedback during any transmission. The AutoMute-780 also quiets the scanner so audio from the 780 does not muffle or overwhelm your transmission. When you talk on your agency, company, or Ham two-way radio, the 780 shuts up!

The self-powered AutoMute simply plugs it into the RS-232 port on your 780. You can set the delay time (the amount of time the 780 will remain muted after your transmission ends) from 0 to 5 seconds. The RF-sensing wire attached to the AutoMute-780 can also be used to pick up a closure signal directly from Motorola and other two-way radios that have this feature. Instead of relying on RF to trip the Muting, you have a direct connection. A Mute On message appears on the 780 display during the length of the muting (your transmission length + any delay time).

Any emergency vehicle with installed 780s should seriously consider the AutoMute-780. It will help ensure that officers' radio calls are clearly heard as the scanner will be automatically quieted upon transmission. [Please note the this device will not work with the BC-785D.]

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