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Bearcat BCi 25D
Digital Card


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The Uniden Bearcat BCi-25D is an optional APCO 25 digital plug-in circuit card for the BC 250D and BC 785D. The APCO Project 25 is a modulation process where voice communications are converted into digital communications. This conversion is similar to the technology used with digital mobile phones. There are several types of Project 25 system available.
Conventional — one frequency with digital voice.
Trunked with analog control channel and digital voice. — many frequencies shared by many departments and the control channel is analog with digital voice. Control channel operates at 3600 baud.
Mixed Mode — trunked system with analog control channel alternating/mixing analog and P-25 digital voice.

The BC 250D installation is very easy and the BCi-25D comes with a protective pouch.

Please note that this BC 250D is included with the BC250ID version.

Note: We understand 9600 baud is not supported and therefore this card will not decode all digital systems.

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