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The Scanner Master AutoLighter turns the BC-780 display and keyboard backlighting on for every transmission received by the scanner. This self-powered device simply plugs-in to the RS-232C port on the back of the. It features a small variable resistor (accessible without opening the case) for setting the latency of the light time-out. The AutoLighter-780 is only 3/8 inches deep is no deeper than any antenna you would connect. This clever device can be used with the scanner in a base, mobile or portable configuration:

BASE:  Keep the AutoLighter-780 plugged-in to the radio and have the display and keyboard backlighting light only during transmissions. This will allow you to keep the sound down on the radio and the light will draw your attention to glance at the scanner only when there is activity. A great busy light!

MOBILE:  Keep your eye on the road and only glance the radio's way, and only have another distracting light lit, when there is actually activity on the 780.

PORTABLE:  When used with the Scanner Master 780 PowerPack you'll add up to approximately 50% of what would have been your battery life by de-activating the light during periods of no transmissions. The backlighting of the keyboard and display draws a sizeable amount of power and will drain any battery. The autolighter-780 will perform the busy light function and keep you scanning longer! The AutoLighter-780 also fits perfectly inside the Scanner Master 780 Carrying Case when attached to the scanner.
[Please note the this device will not work with the BC-785D.]

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