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Bearcat SC-200
Handheld Scanner


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Frequency Range
  •   29-  30 Ham Band 10 Meters
  •   30-  50 VHF Low
  •   50-  54 Ham Band 6 Meters
  • 108-137 Aircraft
  • 137-144 Federal Government
  • 144-148 Ham Band 2 Meters
  • 148-174 VHF High Band
  • 406-420 Federal Government
  • 420-450 Ham Band 70 Cm
  • 450-470 UHF Band
  • 470-512 UHF "T" Band
  • 806-956 800 MHz Band (less cellular)

The Uniden Bearcat SC-200 Sportcat is a very capable portable 200 alphanumeric channel, 12 band scanner. Ten channel banks and 10 priority channels allow you to customize your scanning. The Turbo Scan feature allows scanning at up to 300 steps per second. The SC-200 has:  VFO manual search, weather scan, earphone jack, band search, scan delay, full illuminated LCD display, keypad lock, channel lockout. The top of the radio has a concentric knob for Volume and Squelch and a knob for Frequency/Channel/Alpha.

This scanner is equipped with a Continuous Tone Controlled Squelch (CTCSS) and Continuous Digital Controled Squelch System (CDSS) which allows the squelch to open only when the tone you have programmed with a specific frequency is received along with a transmission. Click here to view CTCSS/CDSS table.

The SC-200 is ready to operate and includes:  DB9 Computer Serial Interface Cable, BP-180 rechargeable battery pack, BNC type flex antenna, belt clip, earphone, AD-70U AC adapter/charger and SportCat Frequency Guide.

Connection to a computer is optional. Connection to a computer requires additional software not provided.

Scan rate: 100 channels per second.
Search rate: 100 or 300 steps per second.
Scan delay: 2 seconds.

Size with antenna attached: 2.5 W x 11.75 H x 1.75 D inches. 0.71 lbs. (320 g.)

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#0745 AD70 AC wall adapter 120 VAC [as supplied]. $18.95 $14.98 Order
  BP180 BP120/180 NiCad battery pack 4.8 V 800 mAh. VIEW LARGER Discontinued
  BP1000 BP1000 NiCad battery pack 4.8 V 800 mAh. VIEW LARGER Discontinued
    BP1200 NiMH battery pack 4.8 V 1200 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  BP1600 BP1600 NiMH battery pack 4.8 V 1600 mAh. VIEW LARGER Discontinued
  AT0218 AT0218 Uniden standard flexible antenna (6.5 inches, BNC base) [as supplied] VIEW Discontinued
  DBC1 Dragon DBC1 Coiled cigaretter lighter power cord (fused).
    WinScan 2.10 Sofware CD. Click here for information. Discontinued

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