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The WinScan 2.1 Software is designed expressly for the Uniden Bearcat 245XLT and 895XLT scanners. It features:

  • Patented Virtual Scanner Interface™. Looks and works just like the front of the scanner you are using. (Manual controls such as on/off, volume, and squelch are not reproduced via computer control.)
  • Build customized scan lists.
  • Add Alpha tagging to the frequencies you listen to. (The alpha tags will not appear on your scanner. Alpha tagging only on your PC.)
  • Upload your scanner's memory to a database on your PC.
  • Import files from WinScan Version 1.0 & 1.10, WinScanRS, WinScan Sport, WinScan SE and from plain text files!
  • New Bandscope for the BC895xlt!
  • New enhanced search engine allows you to see what you are searching, how long you have been searching for and how many times a frequency has been hit!
  • New enhanced talkgroup search!
  • Digitally record your favorite frequency with the click of a button! (Audio output from your 245/895 must be connected to your sound card for recording.)
  • Scan in conventional and trunking mode simultainiously on your 895!
  • Program EDACS and Motorola talkgroups and frequencies for your 245!
  • Program Motorola Trunked Systems without being in range of the system! Perfect for areas that have multiple trunked systems!
  • Create different scan lists for multiple states and cities!
  • Has Speed EnhancerT™ scan mode for the 245 Multi-Scan feature!

System requirements:
Pentium 100 MHz
Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/ME/2000 Professional/XP
2 MB Video Card (800x600 @ 256 colors - minimum)
10 MB free hard disk space (plus space for the custom scan lists)
CD Drive
Available Serial RS232 COM Port (COM 1 or COM 2) [not USB]
Uniden BC245XLT or 895XLT (and PC cable).

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