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Bearcat BCD325P2
Handheld Scanner

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Uniden BCD325P2

The Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2 offers state-of-the-art Trunk Tracker V™ scanner technology. It offers both APCO 25 Phase I and II digital capability. You can store in the dynamic memory conventional frequencies such as police, fire/emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other communications. The frequency coverage includes: 25-512, 758-824, 849-869 and 894-960 MHz. You can store and scan services that use Trunked Radio Systems and so much more. You can use the scanner’s Scroll Control to quickly select channels and frequencies and you can automatically program channels in a system using the Auto Store feature. The high resolution display indicates the radio's status in detail.

The GPS-enabled feature offered by the BCD325P2 provides automatic system selection, which permits the scanner to turn system reception on or off depending on the user’s location, and allows the user to define the scanner display to show location-based information. In addition, when a GPS unit (not included) is connected to the BCD325P2, it will alert at areas of special interest, such as dangerous intersections, school zones, or general points of interest.

The Bearcat BCD325P2 also offers Close Call™ RF Capture Technology, 12 Service Searches, Dynamic Memory Management, Narrow band Reception, Fire Tone-Out and Multi-site programming as well as 25,000 channels. Other recent enhancements include: Audio AGC, band scope function, SAME Weather Alert, IF Exchange, Crows-Flight Navigation (with optional GPS), Key safe mode and channel alert.

Included items:  Two Ni-MH AA batteries, BNC flexible antenna, USB cable, hand strap and printed Owner's Manual.

Bearcat, Uniden, TrunkTracker, and Close Call are registered trademarks of Uniden America Corporation.
EDACS is a registered trademark of M/A-Com, Inc. Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc. E.F. Johnson is a registered trademark of E.F. Johnson Company.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
  Uniden BC-GPSK Uniden
GPS receiver option.
Requires #4271 BC-UTGC cable, sold separately.
Replaced by BC-SGPS. INFO
GPS interface cable. Discontinued
   Uniden CB-GPSK BC-SGPS GPS receiver option kit. INFO    Discontinued
  AT0218 AT0218 Uniden standard flexible antenna (6.5 inches, BNC base) [as supplied] VIEW Discontinued
#6707 USB2A USB 2A Single output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 2000 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
$9.95 Order
   1128 DUAL 3A Dual output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 3400 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
  ARC-XT Butel ARCXT BA Basic control software CD. INFO Not in stock
  Scanmaster Manual Scanmaster
Easier to Read BCD325P2 Scanner Manual. 80 pg. INFO   Not in stock

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