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Bearcat BCD396XT
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  Bearcat BCD396XT

The Bearcat BCD396XT with TrunkTracker IV™ technology, offers APCO 25 digital capability, allowing users to monitor the activities and signals of city and government service departments, utilizing advanced scanner technology in a compact, handheld design. Featuring APCO 25 capability, Unidenís BCD396XT improves interoperability between large cities currently using the digital systems and those smaller municipalities that still operate on analog systems. Unidenís BCD396XT will not permit users to monitor encrypted signals from national and local security organizations. Preprogrammed coverage for over 400 cities is built in!

The Bearcat BCD396XT also offers Close Callô RF Capture Technology, Dynamic Memory Management, Fire Tone-Out as well as 5,500 channels. The excellent frequency coverage includes:  25-512, 764-776, 794-956 (excluding cellular), 1240-1300 MHz in AM/FM/NFM/WFM modes. Search steps are:  5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 100 kHz. There is a 64 x 128 full dot matrix LCD with multi-color back light. Other new features include:  P25 One-Frequency Trunk, EDACS ESK support, Close Call Temporary Storage, Network Access Code support, temporary lock-out, configurable start-up, individual channel volume offset, keysafe mode (prevents accidental erasure of programming), priority ID scan on trunked systems, CTCSS/DCS and quick-access search keys.

External jacks are provided for:  SMA 50 ohm antenna, 3.5 mm headphone (not provided), DC power and 4 pin remote PC. This radio may be operated from either three NiMH (supplied) or alkaline (not supplied). Be sure to correctly set the battery-type switch when installing batteries.

The BCD396XT includes:  three NiMH AA cells, AD-1001 AC adapter, SMA rubber antenna, wrist strap, DB9 serial PC cable, belt clip, BNC/SMA adapter and Owner's Manual on CD (no printed manual). Size: 2.4(W) x 1.22 (D) x 5.35(H) inches. Click here to view larger.         Trademark notice.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  A2828B Carry case for BCD396T/BCD396XT/BR330T. INFO   Discontinued
  USB1 USB cable. INFO Discontinued
  Butel ARCXT BA Basic control software CD. INFO Not in stock
  Universal Go-Bag Carry case for radio and accessories INFO Discontinued
  Bearcat DC1001 Cigarette lighter power adapter [6VDC 800mA +]. Discontinued
  COMBO BCDX3 Nifty 24 laminated page, spiral-bound Mini-manual, plus a laminated Quick Reference card for your wallet. VIEW Discontinued
  Scanmaster Manual XR Easier to Read Uniden XT Scanner Manual. INFO   Discontinued

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