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Object Oriented Scanning

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GRE engineers conducted extensive research to determine the functional requirements for an entirely new scanning receiver user interface called the Object Oriented User Interface (OOUI). It is based on the premise that a scanner is easiest to use if all of the things that can be scanned are handled using common conventions for interaction between the user and the radio, at least to the extent that this is possible given that the “things” that can be scanned are different from one another in either subtle or major ways. In this user interface “things” that can be scanned are Scannable Objects and include the following:
• Conventional, non-trunked radio channels
• Trunked talkgroups used on a trunked radio system
• Service searches to search for a specific radio service
• Search ranges with upper and lower limits
• Spectrum Sweeper setups with band segments that can be enabled or disabled by the user.

One of the goals of the Object Oriented User Interface is to make the scanner as easy to use as possible. The OOUI does this by treating all Scannable Objects the same in terms of how they are created, edited, manipulated and grouped. Once you have learned how to create and store a conventional channel, you know most of what you need to know to create a trunking talkgroup, and so on.

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