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  Deluo Universal GPS

The Deluo Universal GPS is all you need to enable Location Based Scanning on your Uniden BCT-15 or BCD-996T TrunkTracker and easily listen to systems as you travel. You can also receive Location Based Alerts using the Deluo Universal GPS with Uniden adapter Receive notifications you when you near an area you have programmed as a dangerous road, dangerous intersection, or a general point of interest.

Uniden radios use data, supplied by Deluo Universal GPS unit, that lets the radio automatically unlock and lockout sites based on the geographical information you provide.
* Latitude (the center of the range or site)
* Longitude (center of the range or site)
* Range (the radius of a circle around the latitude and longitude coordinates selected from up to 50 miles form that center)

Also, when the radio is connected to the GPS, you can program specific location information such as Dangerous Xing, Dangerous Road, Points of Interest (POI), this will trigger an alert from the scanner. The scanner becomes an extension of the GPS device. Requires 12 VDC.

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