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  GRE PSR-110

The GRE PSR-110 is completely optimized for just one thing. And that is for monitoring auto races. It comes preprogrammed with six major race series: Champ Car, ARCA Re/Max, Indy Racing, Craftsman Truck, Busch Series and Nextel Cup. It features keypad, a backlit LCD, an MRN (Motor Racing Network) button, a favorites button, and is mobile phone compatible. One rather unique feature of this scanner is the fact that it has two LCD screens. There is a full, multi-line alphanumeric on the front and there is also one on the top to show the number of the monitored race car! Up to 1000 memories and 20 series are supported. Frequency coverage is just 450-467 MHz! It is therefore virtually immune to out-of-band interference. Several parameters may be set by the user including: backlighting, keypad beep, keyboard lock, display contrast and power-save function. This radio feeds a dual earphone jack only (no built-in speaker). Volume and squelch are controlled by buttons.

This radio requires three AA cells (not included). You can use either alkaline or Ni-MH. Set the Battery Type selector switch to ALK for non-rechargeable alkaline batteries or Ni-MH for rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. A low battery warning sounds every 30 seconds (default setting) when the batteries are nearly depleted. CAUTION:  Never install alkaline batteries with the Battery Type Selector switch set to Ni-MH. Alkaline batteries can get hot or explode if you try to recharge them.

But please note that this radio will not tune other traditional scanner bands such as police, fire, weather, amateur, etc. Please note that audio is only provided to a dual (two person) earphone jack (no speaker).

This device has been approved by the F.C.C.  Pricing and availability will be posted when announced by GRE.

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  100-016 USB interface cable INFO. Discontinued

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