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Bearcat 8 Track


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  Bearcat 8 Track

The Bearcat 8 Track scanner converts any 8 track tape player into a live action scanning radio. This compact 4 channel, two band scanner (36-44, 152-162 MHz) simply plugs into your 8 track player where an 8 track cartridge usually goes. No power hooks are required! Each scanner channel has a red LED display and you can selectively lock-out any channel/s you wish. Scanning is at 8 channels per second. Required channel crystals are not included. A plug-in flexible wire antenna with suction cup is provided.

4 x 1 x 6 inches 6 ounces.

  •   36-  44 VHF Low
  • 152-162 VHF High Band

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79-80 D[100]000/000 Q010/020 JP 02/12