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Bearcat BCA
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  Bearcat BCA

The Bearcat BCA is an 8 channel crystal controlled aeronautical scanner. Crystals [type HC-18/U] are not included. It is designed to monitor amplitude modulated aircraft communications frequency from 118 to 136 MHz within a 10 MHz spread. (A variant model covering 108-118 MHz was also available). This radio will scan the channels and automatically stop on a channel when traffic is heard. Channels may also be manually selected. Each channel features a red indicator and an individual lock-out switch allowing you to skip channels not of interest at the time. The Bearcat BCA features a metal cabinet. Scanning is at 20 channels per second. There is a speaker, built-in telescopic antenna and external Motorola-type antenna jack (50-70 ohms) on the rear panel. Operation is from 117 VAC 50-60 Hz, 9W or 12.6 VDC 370 mA. Size: 9 x 4 x 6.9 inches. 4 lbs.

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