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Sangean RS-330
AM/FM Clock Radio


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Sangean RS-330

The Sangean RS-330 is an advanced AM/FM clock radio. It features digital tuning with a fluorescent display and automatic brightness control. The front panel control buttons are back-lit for ease of use at night. There are two independent alarm systems with gradual ramp-up of alarm or music volume. A five minute snooze control is also built in. The five inch full range speaker with four watt amplifier provide a high fidelity sound which can be adjusted to your taste via separate Bass and Treble controls.

Provisions for an external AM and external FM antenna are provided. An auxiliary input accomodates a tape deck or CD player. There is also a Line Out facility. A mini headphone jack is available for private listening. Tuning is via manual knob or presets. Tunes 520-1710 kHz AM (10 kHz steps) and 87.5-108 MHz FM. There are terminals for AM band, FM band and ground. 11.5 x 6 x 3 inches 5.5 lbs. (292x152x83mm 2.5 kg). Requires 117 VAC 60 Hz.

The RS-330 radio is discontinued. The optional RS-332 powered speaker and control unit was available for added versatility and fidelity. The RS-332 high-fidelity stereo speaker has its own 4 watt amplifier. The RS-332 has its own volume controls, plus a digital display.

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