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Eton Scorpion
Self-powered Radio
and light source

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Eton Scorpion

The Eton Scorpion goes wherever you go. The Scorpion is is a multi-purpose AM, FM, weather radio and LED light. It will meet the needs of the outdoorsman and be a reliable partner during emergency situations. No batteries are needed! It has an integrated USB cell phone charger. It has a rugged exterior skin and is splash proof. It has both a hand dynamo crank and large solar panel. There is even an auxiliary line input jack. The digital display shows frequency or current time. The Scorpion has an aluminum carabineer and bottle opener. 5.25 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches. 10 oz. Available in green or orange.

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Order # Photo Model/Color Price Order
#0507 Eton Scorpion Green SCORP GRN
$39.98 Order
#0504 Eton Scorpion Orange SCORP ORG
$39.98 Order

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