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Superadio III™

Long Distance
AM/FM Radio


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Superadio III

The Superadio III™ was designed specifically for long range AM and FM reception. It features tuned RF on both AM and FM for excellent sensitivity. Optimum selectivity is provided by four IF tuned circuits on AM and three on FM.

A wide/normal switch allows you to control selectivity. Excellent sound is achieved via a 6½" woofer and 2" tweeter. Other features include an FM-AFC, separate bass and treble controls, mono mini earphone jack and fold-down carrying handle. A built in 7 7/8 inch ferrite rod antenna brings in distant AM stations. Screw terminals are provided for external AM & FM antennas. Coverage:  530-1700 kHz and 88-108 MHz with analog tuning. This radio is a favorite among medium wave DX'ers, out performing multi-band radios costing many times more. Click here to view controls.

Powered from 120 AC 60 Hz 3W or six D cells (not supplied). 12½"W x 10½"H x 4½"D. One year limited factory warranty.

Special Note:  RCA acquired the GE division that produced this radio for many years. This model is now sold as the RCA RP7887 Superadio III. It was the same as the former GE model.

This item is discontinued.
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