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Soltronix HR-1
Solar Rechargeable
AM-FM Stereo
Headphone Radio


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Soltronix HR-1

The Soltronix HR-1® is a solar-rechargeable AM-FM stereo headphone radio. It uses the advanced PowerFilm™ technology developed by Iowa Thin Film Technologies. This approach eliminates the inconvenience and cost of replacing batteries. It uses a patented ultra-light, durable solar module designed from NASA spin-off technology. The HR-1 will automatically recharge itself when in sunlight, even while listening. When fully charged the headphones will play for more than 20 hours inside and outside. One hour of charge in full sunlight provides 1 to 3 hours of listening. The HR1s will even recharge on a cloudy days or indoors, but at a slower rate.

An internal antenna delivers powerful reception. The sound is clear too. We have field tested this radio at Universal and find the sound quite impressive, especially with the Extended Bass turned on. The dual headband means added comfort. The HR1 are environmentally friendly since they use a single internal AAA NiMH battery that contains no lead or cadmium.

Soltronix offers a 3-year warranty on the PowerFilm™ solar modules against defects in material or workmanship. The headphones carry an industry-standard ninety-day product warranty.

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