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etón FR100
Blackout Buddy
AM-FM Emergency
Clock Radio

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Eton FR-100 Blackout Buddy

The etón Blackout Buddy is the essential emergency tool for every home. Designed to stay plugged into the wall for continuous charging and to be ready for any emergency, the Blackout Buddy's built-in LED light and AM/FM radio automatically turn on when the electricity goes out. The rechargeable battery provides enough power for hours of emergency AM/FM radio and light operation: 12-16 hours of LED light use, or 4-8 hours of radio use. The Blackout Buddy also serves as a convenient and functional everyday plug-in radio and light for any room in the home or office

The Super-Bright LED light provides illumination when you need it most and the AM/FM Radio helps you stay in tune with breaking news. The alarm feature wakes you up when you want (with or without power). The illuminated Multi-Function LCD Screen with clock glows a soft blue when plugged in, serving as a night light. The telescopic antenna helps you receive important local radio broadcasts and there is even an earphone jack. Only 3 x 5 x 1.4 inches, 10 ounces. Available in silver (shown above) or pearl white.

Order # Model Color Price Order
  FR100 WHT Pearl White    Discontinued
  FR100 SIL Silver Discontinued

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