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Mini CC Radio

In development for two years, the C. Crane Mini CC Radio promises exceptional reception and sound quality. The speaker is unlike any speaker used in a portable radio before, and the AM/FM bands excels with a tuning technology that was designed especially by C. Crane’s top engineers.

Since this radio is made by radio lovers, for radio lovers, it will have a surprise or two in store. In the meantime, just keep one word in mind — simplicity — it’s at the heart of the Mini CC Radio. The Mini CC has a luxuriously large tuning knob with the touch, weight and accuracy that gives you complete control. The highest quality components and manufacturing methods ensure maximum longevity! Even the battery springs are made of stainless steel with just the right firmness to accept batteries easily, but hold up much better in use. Jacks are provided for:  Line In, Line Out, Antenna Input and Earphone. Size:  5.9" W x 3.5" H x 1.9" D.

Important availability note:
The C Crane has announced that the production of this model has been put on hold. [08/01/06 - 05/18/09]

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