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Sangean RCR1
AM/FM Atomic
Clock Radio


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Sangean RCR1

The Sangean RCR1 is an advanced AM/FM clock radio. The time is precisely synchronized by the WWVB time station in Boulder, Colorado and is displayed via the LCD and an analog dial. Advanced features include: Sleep timer (15-120 minutes), dimmer, snooze, a dual time 'HWS' Humane Waking System to gently ease you out of your slumber. The clock and the display is backlit. There is also a Tone control and a headphone jack. There are 7 memory presets for the AM band and 7 for the FM band. The bottom of the radio contains a slide switch to select USA time zone: EST, CST, MST or PST. There are also small knobs to adjust brightness and alarm volume.

The 3 by 4 inch speaker delivers pleasant sound from the 800 mw amplifier. Tunes 520-1710 kHz AM (10 kHz steps) and 87.5-108 MHz FM. Requires 110-120 VAC 50-60 Hz. 6.7 x 6.8 x 4.2 inches (165x167x105 mm 1.2 kg).


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