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Grundig FR200


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Grundig FR200

Be prepared and aware with the Grundig FR200 emergency radio. This affordable analog portable receives AM (530-1710 kHz), FM 88-108 MHz and shortwave in two bands: 3.2-7.6 and 9.2-22 MHz. The FR200 operates from a wind-up generator, or 4.5 VDC [ - ] or 3 AA cells. The generator charges the supplied, replaceable NiMH cells. Two turns per second for 90 seconds will provide 40 to 60 minutes of operation. This radio features analog tuning with a concentric Fine Tune knob. This permits very smooth, precise tuning. The FR200 has an integrated, padded carry handle. There is also a built-in emergency light that is surprisingly bright. There is a mini earphone jack on the back panel. The built in 2.5 inch speaker provides very pleasing tonal quality. The battery compartment allows access to the built-in NiMH pack or for the three optional AA cells. This radio is sand (gray) colored. The radio comes with a very cool canvas carry case with shoulder strap. The case even has a pocket to keep papers in. 6.75 x 5.75 x 2.75 inches.

The GPU3504 AC adapter is optional. (The eton FR-300 offered TV and weather in place of shortwave).

Order # Photo Model/Color Price Order
  FR200 Sand FR200 SAND
Sand (shown above)
  FR200 Yellow FR200 YEL
  FR200 Red FR200 RED
Metallic Red
  FR200 Bronze FR200 BNZ
Metallic Bronze
  FR200 White FR200 WHT
Metallic Pearl White
  FR200 Blue FR200 BLUE
Metallic Blue

Order # Model Description Price Order
   GPU3504 AC Adapter 110 VAC to 4.5 VDC Not in stock

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