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Sangean DT220V
AM/FM/TV Audio


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Sangean DT220V

The new Sangean DT220V is AM, FM portable radio also receives VHF TV audio (until 02/17/09). There are 25 presets (16 FM and 9 AM). The built in clock alarm wakes you to music or buzzer. Other features include memory scan, auto shut-off, lock, and stereo-mono switch. One of the coolest innovations is a push-button ear bud retraction system. A press of the button on the back panel winds the stereo ear buds back into the radio.

This radio tunes AM from 530 to 1710 kHz (10 kHz steps), FM from 87.5-108 MHz and VHF TV channel 2-13 audio (until 02/17/09). Only 4.9 x 3 x 1 inches 6 oz. (124x75x26mm 170g). This radio requires two AA cells (not supplied) or 3 VDC [—]. It comes with a protective vinyl case and 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

NOTE:   Effective 02/17/09 American TV stations will convert to digital signals and change frequency.
Specialty radios that currently receive TV audio will no longer be able tune TV audio.

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