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Sangean RCR3
AM/FM Atomic
Clock Radio


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Sangean RCR3

The Sangean RCR3 has a modern design and modern features! It features an automatic tuning system that scans and programs local radio stations to memory. The synchronized analog clock allows for quick reading. This clock receives time updates from the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. With the ability to set two different alarm times throughout the week. This could mean no more forgetting to turn on the alarm Sunday, and no getting bothered by alarms on Saturday! Advanced features include:  Sleep timer (15-120 minutes), snooze, dimmer, a dual time HWS Humane Waking System to gently ease you out of your slumber. There is also a Tone control and a headphone jack. The 3 by 4 inch speaker delivers pleasant sound from the 800 mw amplifier. Tunes 520-1710 kHz AM and 87.5-108 MHz FM with 7 memories per band. Requires 117 VAC 60 Hz. 5.25 x 7.5 x 3 inches. This is the last alarm clock radio you will ever need.

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