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Tivoli Model Two

Stereophonic reproduction involves the separation of the left and right audio channels. So why then do most "stereo" radios closely-space two speakers in a single cabinet? The two-piece Model Two does stereo right–and left. Placing the matching stereo speaker, with its 15' of cord, several feet from the main unit provides the detailed imaging and accurate soundstage that is so essential for true stereo reproduction. The Model Two is one of the finest stereo radios available. Stereophile said, "...the Model Two is a fun piece of gear, and the left and right speakers in separate cabinets provide much more convincing stereo than two channels stuffed in one box." MSNBC said, "The Model Two is a terrific sounding radio and could be the basis for a terrific sounding stereo system..." And The Audiophile Voice described the Model Two as an "outstanding radio", and proclaimed it to be "perhaps today's best bargain in small-scale audio."

The Model Two carries forth the same GaAs MES-FET tuner technology used in the Model One, 5:1 ratio analog tuning dial for easy and accurate tuning, and the same inputs and outputs as the Model One, but with several important additions: A mixing input permits audio from your computer to be mixed in with the radio. There is also a dedicated subwoofer output (for the optional matching Model Subwoofer) and a balance control. The bass ports are located in the rear to accommodate vertical positioning where space is tight. For added convenience, the front source knob has an auxiliary position, making it easier to hear the optional matching Model CD or other device.

The Model Two is definitely not your stereotypical stereo radio. Mate the Model Two with the optional matching Model CD and you have a first-rate, high fidelity stereo system. External FM antenna, rubber feet, and 9 foot power cord included. Offered in Metallic Taupe/Cherry.
This radio has been discontinued by Universal Radio, but is available elsewhere.

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