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Tivoli Model CD

Whether you're looking for a CD player to complement your Model One table radio or the Model Two stereo radio, or are in need of a smaller-sized CD player to add to a home stereo system, the Model CD satisfies on both counts. Its unique front-loading slot design, as found in most car CD players, makes loading a CD easy. Its compact size permits more placement flexibility over larger, tray-loading players, or pop-open top designs. The cherry wood cabinet is a refreshing change from the sterile, metal boxes so ubiquitous in electronics stores, and it looks perfectly comfortable next to a Tivoli Audio radio. And as is the tradition with all Tivoli Audio products, the Model CD couldn't be easier to use.

The minimalist front panel sports a large, easy to read display paired with the primary controls. The credit card sized remote control adds Shuffle, Repeat, Volume, Intro, and Direct Track Access functions. On the inside, the Model CD yields excellent sound quality and superb shock protection. The Model CD will play any standard CD as well as CDR.

The cosmetics match the Model Two, Model Three, and Model Satellite or add the Model CD to enhance your existing stereo system. Credit card-sized remote, connecting cable and external AC power supply included. One year warranty. Click Order button to view price.

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