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Kiwa Earth Monitor
ELF/VLF Receiver


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The Kiwa Earth Monitor is an ELF/VLF - Extremely Low / Very Low Frequency receiver that receives 10 Hz to 15 kHz. This receiver is ideal for listening to Whistlers, Tweeks, the Dawn Chorus and other natural radio signals from the planet Earth. These naturally occurring radio signals are due to lightning strikes and the sun as it affects the earth's magnetic field. Some of these signals sound very unusual, almost like birds chirping in the distance. The Earth Monitor features a remote field probe for optimum reception. It also includes a variable frequency bandpass filter that tunes 200 Hz to 8 kHz and a 300 Hz high pass filter for elimination of 60 Hz related interference and noise.

The Bandpass Filter has both sharp and broad bandwidth settings. Headphone and record outputs are included. Battery operation requires six AAA cells (not supplied). The remote field probe comes with 20 feet of cable.

Please note that this type of monitoring must be done at least one mile away from power lines.

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