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Sangean WR2

The Sangean WR2 brings distant AM and FM stations to your door step through Sangean's advanced RF/IF electronic circuitry. The wood enclosure is acoustically balanced and the enhanced frequency response, front firing speaker provides rich, room filling sound. The acoustic bass compensation and 7 watt amplifier give this small radio a truly big sound. (Stereo FM is fed to the earphone jack). Advanced features include: large backlit LCD display, clock with alarm (radio or buzzer), bass compensation, auxiliary input jack, stereo headphone jack, 10 memory presets, F type antenna jack and RDS. Preset and clock values are automatically saved up to 30 minutes during power interruptions. Additionally, the WR2 comes with a full-featured infra-red remote control!

The WR2 has some very advanced features. The Radio Data System (RDS) displays short text messages on applicable FM stations. The upcoming Enhanced Other Network (EON) is also supported providing traffic information in some areas. The auto-clock-set function will derive the current time from the RDS signal of your local FM station (if you have RDS in your area). The clock may be set for 12 or 24 hour format. When rotating the volume control, the volume level (1-60) will be displayed. If you tap the the volume control once it becomes a full range Treble Control. Two taps converts it to a full range Bass Control. The tuning steps may be set to 9 or 10 kHz on the AM band and 50 or 100 kHz on the FM band. The radio will continue to run 6 minutes during a power failure and preset information will retained for about one hour. The back lighting may be set at 3 different levels of brightness, or turned off.

Requires 117 VAC 60 Hz. There is also a DC input jack for operation from 12 VDC at 1 Amp. The WR2 comes with removable AC cord, and FM wire antenna. 9.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches 5 lbs. (240x115x183mm 2.6 kg). Note: We are shipping the WR-2 Version II model.

Click here for video demonstration [2.8 mins.]

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