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Freeplay FPR2
Matt Gray

Freeplay FPR2S-M
Solar Matt Gray

Freeplay FPR2S-G
Solar Green

Freeplay FPR2S-R
Solar Red

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Freeplay Radio FPR-2

Like it's predecessor, the FPR1, the Freeplay FPR2 utilizes personally generated power to operate, anytime, anywhere. Plus these new Freeplay models feature a built-in solar cell for effortless daytime reception. They receive the AM and FM bands and they makes a great outdoor companion or an excellent emergency radio. The spring-saver circuit allows playtimes up to 60 minutes. At lower power demand, this device stores generated energy not required by the radio resulting in a lower unwind rate.

AM coverage is from 500 to 1700 kHz, FM from 88 to 108 MHz. The built-in 4 inch speaker provides full sound. 11.5" x 8" x 8" 5.25 Lbs. Six month limited warranty.

Order # Model Description Price Order
  FPR-2 AM/FM Wind-Up with (no solar cell) in Matte-Gray case Discontinued
  FPR-2SM AM/FM Wind-Up with Solar cell in Matte-Gray case Discontinued
  FPR-2SG AM/FM Wind-Up with Solar cell in Green translucent Case Discontinued
  FPR-2SR AM/FM Wind-Up with Solar cell in Red translucent Case Discontinued

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