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Sangean DT-500W


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Discontinued Weather Receiver 

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  Sangean DT-500W

The Sangean DT-500W is a pocket sized AM, FM and weather receiver that will keep you entertained and informed. AM band reception is enhanced by Auto Tracking that will automatically optimize the sensitivity of the AM station you are tuned to and helps to find distant stations. Then DT-500W has a unique retractable swivel antenna allowing greater control for improved FM reception. The DT-500W receives all 7 NOAA Weather Alert Emergency Channels that sounds a loud siren when extreme weather is imminent, or any type of public awareness becomes critical. Even with your radio off or you are listening to another radio station the weather alert continues to monitor the NOAA channels should an emergency arise.

The DSP digital tuner has 25 presets (10 AM, 10 FM, 5 Weather). Other features include: 1180 mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery that is recharged through the micro USB port with the supplied Micro USB to USB Cable, Battery Power Indicator, Stereo Headphone Output, Auto Station Scan, Backlit LCD Display, Clock, Lock Switch, 90 Minute Auto Shut-off and Hi-Efficiency Built-in Speaker. This radio comes with stereo ear buds and USB charging cable. 2.2 x 4 x 0.81 inches.

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