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Sangean WR-16
AM/FM Table Radio

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Sangean WR16

The Sangean WR-16 draws on the simple style and elegance of the WR-11. The WR-16 has an acoustically tuned wooden cabinet, large 3 inch, 10 watt speaker, tune LED and only three rotating knobs. This amazingly sensitive and sophisticated radio is easier to control than your average TV and sounds better than your home stereo system. And although it looks classic, it has plenty of modern features to give your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen a great sound and look. It has built-in Bluetooth wireless audio streaming. The NFC (Near Field Communications) pairs to your phone with a simple tap. Jacks on the rear panel include:  stereo earphones, auxiliary input and record output, DC Input, USB charging port, FM antenna [F] input, AM antenna input and internal/external antenna switch. Supplied with an AC power cord and can also operate from external 9 to 14 VDC.

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