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Heil Clear Speech Speaker

The Heil HCS Clear Speech® is a digital speaker that removes up to 95% of the background noise from the receive side of any two-way radio communication. The most common complaint about mobile communications is background noise. ClearSpeech-Speaker is a high-tech, low cost solution that enhances the audio quality of car and truck fleet, emergency vehicles, marine and ham radio communications. Advanced features include: four step DSP level switch, sensitivity input level monitor (one LED to allow you to set the input level correctly without clipping the DSP stages), Variable Tone Control, By-pass Switch, External Speaker Jack, Headphone Jack and DC Power On/Off Switch.

This DSP speaker comes with a mounting bracket, fused 12 volt power cable and mono mini to mini audio patch cord. This device requires 12 VDC 500 mA. In order to avoid RFI issues, Heil suggest that you not power it from a common power supply that runs the transceiver.

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