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External Speaker


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The Ten-Tec 307G external speaker is suitable for every possible communications need, from clean CW operation to well-rounded AM receive audio. The 307G is painted Corsair Gray to match the paint color of the Ten-Tec Corsair II, Paragon I and II, and Omni V and VI series of HF amateur radio transceivers and also is a close match to the color of the RX-340 receiver. The speaker response is 100 to 18000 Hz, 4 ohms impedance, 5 watts power. Speaker measures 4 inches diameter. The negative line of the speaker is isolated from chassis ground. The chassis of the speaker cabinet is painted steel. Tilt-up bail between front feet allows elevating the front of chassis from desk level. Front feet are molded cycolac, rear feet are stick-on rubber. Weight 6 lbs. Size of chassis is 6.875 x 5 x 11.75 inches (WHD). The height measurement does not include feet, depth measurement does not include rear panel connectors.

On the rear panel of the 307G speaker chassis are two quick-release, spring loaded terminals, similar to those used in typical home stereo speaker applications. Ten-Tec provides cable and a 1/4 inch phono connector with the speaker - the end user attaches the either the 1/4 inch connector or other desired plug to one end of the cable and the other end to the spring loaded terminals on the rear of the 307 chassis.


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