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PC Speaker System

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West Mountain Radio COMspkr

The West Mountain Radio COMspkr is expressly designed for use with the PC in your ham shack. If you, your family or your neighbors havenít heard your signal coming from their computer speakers you are quite a lucky ham. The COMspkr will solve this interference problem. The COMspkr is an RF proof amplified stereo computer speaker system, designed for the computer in your ham station or any computer near your ham station.

The COMspkrs look good in a ham station or at a computer desk. They have better sound quality than most two-piece computer speakers. The audio quality is especially good for music or voice with 3 watts per channel. They may be used in mono or stereo arrangements with a radio instead of a computer, or with an MP3 player. The COMspkr:
A replacement for your RF prone Computer Speakers.
An amplified speaker system optimized for operation in close range of any radio transmitter.
Exceptionally high rejection of radio frequency interference from 1 to 1000 MHz.
Stereo High Fidelity response for use with voice or music.
High acoustic power output that can be heard clearly in a noisy environment.
Built in amplifier assures compatibility with most computers and/or two way radios.
Comes complete with audio cables and UL approved wall power supply.

o INPUT: Stereo line level 1/8" mini jack.
o OUTPUT: Nominal 3 watts per channel
o DIMENSIONS: H 8.375" W 4.125" D 5.25" (each speaker)
o WEIGHT: 72 oz.

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