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Palstar SP30HC


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Palstar SP30H

The Palstar SP30H a custom engineered speaker designed to match the sonic characteristics of the human voice. This is not a "Hi Fi" speaker, but rather the ultimate communications speaker. The 6.5 inch speaker is optimized for 55 Hz to 8 kHz ... perfect for communications intelligibility. This speaker features a massive 11.6 oz magnet and can handle a maximum 25 Watts RMS of audio power. The cabinet interior is lined with acoustic dampening material.

This substantial speaker measures 11 inches wide x 8.25 inches high and 10 inches deep. The handsome wood cabinet is specially made for Palstar by a high-end custom cabinet shop and features a beautiful stained and varnished cherry wood veneer finish. This speaker makes a nice addition to the Palstar R30, Palstar R30A or any quality communications receiver or transceiver.

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