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RF Systems T2FD
Tilted Dipole


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The RF Systems T2FD is a receive antenna covering 3 - 35 MHz, in common use by military and government receiving establishments. There are good reasons for this choice by the professionals. The antenna is terminated internally with its characteristic impedance. This means that the antenna is not as sensitive to annoying man made interference sources such as fluorescent lights, dimmers, televisions, etc. The antenna is also less prone to noise from natural sources, due to static. This really is a low noise antenna. By ensuring a constant impedance though out the length of the antenna, (the T2FD is a travelling wave antenna), the T2FD is also less prone to distortion due to multipath fading. Independent tests have shown that when compared to dipole or long-wire antennas, the background noise is not only much lower, but weak signals suffer less distortion.

The T2FD has a wide bandwidth. Dipoles, trap dipoles and similar types of antenna work well on one or a number of frequency bands in the shortwave spectrum. But outside these bands, reception is worse. The T2FD does not have dead zones.

Common coax may be used as lead-in the receiver, reducing or eliminating interference from equipment such as computers, fluorescent lights and dimmers. The characteristic impedance of the T2FD has been raised to 550 ohms. Thanks the development of a special frequency-compensating 11:1 transformer, the antenna is perfectly matched to the 50 ohm coaxial cable and the input of most communications receivers.

This antenna is designed to stand-up to the worst weather. The antenna is waterproof and is made of UV-resistant plastics and stainless steel fasteners. This passive antenna is assembled and ready to install. Nylon support cord is included. It is only 45 feet (15 meters) in length. The T2FD has an SO-239 jack to accept PL-259. The lead-in coax, house and radio shown above, are not provided. (This antenna is for receive only).

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