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The Eavesdropper-T trapped dipole antenna is designed specifically for the shortwave broadcast listener. The Eavesdropper-T utilizes eight weather-sealed antenna traps so that it performs as though it were a number of separate antennas. Each trap is hand assembled and individually resonated to its proper design frequency. The Eavesdropper-T is fed at the center with 100 feet (30 meters) of 72 ohm balanced feedline. The impedance to the receiver is 50-75 ohms balanced. Installing the Eavesdropper T is simple ... merely unwind the elements and feedline, and suspend between two supports with the nylon rope provided. No cutting, measuring or soldering is required! Although the Eavesdropper is weatherized for outdoor use, it may be strung in an attic. The antenna utilizes heavy 14 gauge stranded wire for maximum strength. The overall length is less than 43 feet (13.1 meters). Eavesdropper antennas include a static arrestor. Although not highly directional, this antenna will receive slightly better off the the perpendicular (that is ... 90 degrees off the direction the wire is strung). All the Eavesdropper antennas are for receive only! Made in the U.S.A. The Eavesdropper covers these major shortwave bands:
60 Meters ( 4.75- 5.06 MHz.) 19 Meters (15.10-15.45 MHz.)
49 Meters ( 5.95- 6.20 MHz.) 16 Meters (17.70-17.90 MHz.)
41 Meters ( 7.10- 7.30 MHz.) 13 Meters (21.45-21.75 MHz.)
31 Meters ( 9.50- 9.78 MHz.) 11 Meters (25.60-26.10 MHz.)
25 Meters (11.70-11.98 MHz.)

The Eavesdropper-C is identical to the regular Eavesdropper except that it includes a coax fitting (SO-239) and it does NOT include a lead-in cable. The user must provide their own coax lead-in. If using a communications receiver, the coax lead in would have a PL259 connector at each end. Common pre-made lengths are available from Univeral Radio.

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