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Alpha Delta

(MW+120-13m) 60 ft.

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The Alpha Delta DX-SWL Sloper antenna offers exceptional features and performance! Hams have been using slopers for years because slopers offer some unique advantages not found in other antennas. Sloper (or slant) antennas require only one elevated support (25 feet (7.6 meters) or higher) while dipoles require two elevated supports. The DX-SWL Sloper offers coverage of the 90 and 120 meter bands, bands often "forgotten" by other antennas plus medium wave (AM) too! The DX-SWL covers:

Medium Wave
.5-1.6 MHz
120 Meters
2.3-2.5 MHz
90 Meters
3.2-3.5 MHz
60 Meters
4.7-5.0 MHz
49 Meters
5.9-6.2 MHz
41 Meters
7.1-7.3 MHz
31 Meters
9.5-9.9 MHz
25 Meters
11.6-12 MHz
21 Meters
13.6-13.8 MHz
19 Meters
15.1-15.6 MHz
16 Meters
17.5-17.9 MHz
13 Meters
21.4-21.8 MHz

DXSWLThe overall length of the slope wire is only 60 feet long. A single 50 ohm feed point (for PL259) at the apex of the antenna is provided for maximum DX reception. (User supplies their own 50 ohm coaxial lead-in). The DX-SWL is fully assembled for easy installation. It requires no adjustments or "trimming". This American made antenna has stainless steel hardware for long life and utilizes low-Q RF choke-resonators for efficient multi-band frequency selection. For quality of construction, ease of erection and maximum performance, we think the Alpha-Delta DX-SWL is a great value. It is our most popular shortwave antenna.

We recommend this antenna for receive only. Additional lightning-static surge protection devices such are suggested for most installations. Click here to preview installation instructions [PDF].

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