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Outdoor Active Antenna

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The MFJ-1024 is a sensitive outdoor active receive antenna covering 50 kHz to 30 MHz. The outdoor unit consists of a 54 inch (1.5 meters) telescopic whip & amplifier module (3" x 4" x 4"). It is connected to the indoor control unit (6" x 2" x 5") by a supplied 50 foot (15.2 meters) RG-58 coaxial cable.

The control unit features a 20 dB attenuator and a gain control to prevent receiver overload. A built-in receiver switch selects between two receivers (A and B). There is also an antenna switch selects the supplied amplified whip or an auxiliary antenna. A red LED indicates power-on. The auxiliary input and output jacks are RCA phono type. The outdoor element may be attached to a mast or pole using the supplied "U" bolts. The module may also be attached to a vertical surface. This antenna is weatherized for outdoor use, but may also be used indoors or on a patio. This antenna is now black (not white as shown above).

This antenna requires 12 VDC power supply (such as optional MFJ-1312D).


Order # Mfg. Model Description Price Order
   MFJ MFJ-1312D 12 VDC 500 mA AC Adapter Discontinued
  Universal COAX PLRCA RCA to PL259 3 foot coaxial cable. Discontinued

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