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The RF Systems DX-One Professional MkII is an omni directional active vertical receiving antenna covering 20 kHz to 60 MHz (10 kHz to 90 MHz with reduced specs). The multi-polarized DX-One Pro MkII addresses the issue of polarization fading found so often on shortwave. Another outstanding feature of the DX-One Pro is its excellent resistance to intermodulation problems. The rear panel has two isolated SO-239 outputs for two receivers. The user must supply coax between the antenna and the control box (PL-259 to PL-259). The control box unit features a step attenuator (+6 dB to -40 dB). It also has a switchable medium wave suppression feature which suppress signals from 540-1640 kHz by up to 40 dB.

This antenna has a very high 2nd order intercept point of no less than =80 dBm and a 3rd order intercept point of +52 dBm or better. The gain is +10 dB (± 2 dB) over the entire range 20 kHz to 60 MHz (ref dipole).

The DX-One Pro MkII is 47 inches (1.2 meters) high and the diameter is 39 inches (1 meter). All mounting hardware is stainless steel. Operates from 110-130 VAC 50-60 Hz 8 VA. The required PL259 to PL259 coaxial cable to connect the control box to the antenna is not supplied. Six month limited manufacturer's warranty. Click here to view rear panel.

DX1Pro Control box

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