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RadioMaster P-30
now NASA PA-30


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RadioMaster P-30

The RadioMaster P-30 is an unobtrusive 15 foot (4 m) passive wideband, indoor/outdoor medium wave, shortwave (500 kHz - 30 MHz) receive wire antenna. It features a built-in matching transformer that ensures 50 ohm impedance so no antenna tuner is required. This omni-directional antenna is very low noise.

The P-30 features a 15 foot (4 m) RG-174 coaxial lead-in that is part of the antenna system. It terminates in a PL-259. This antenna and lead-in is completely preassembled. A short length of white nylon cord is supplied if needed for stringing. Made in Holland. Click here to view antenna system and box.

Product Note:   The manufacturer sometimes boxes this product as the NASA PA-30.

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