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MLBA-MK1/2 Diagram

This may look like a conventional wire antenna kit at first glance, but the RF Systems MLBA-MK1 is much more. It consists of a heavy duty 41 foot (12.5 meters) wire, nylon rope and a quality insulator. At the feed-line end the antenna is terminated with the RF systems' patented Magnetic Longwire Balun. This balun permits an exceptionally low loss transference of antenna energy to your coax feed line. The result is significantly reduced static noise on long, medium wave and the tropical shortwave bands (60 and 90 meters).

We have tested this antenna at Universal, and we are impressed. It is for receive only 0.1 - 40 MHz. Requires 50 ohm lead-in cable not supplied. If you must string an antenna in the attic, consider this one. Because of the magnetic transfer technology used, it picks up far less RF interference from home appliances than other antennas.

The RF Systems MLBA-MK2 is a longer 66 foot (20 meters) version of above for improved longwave and medium wave reception. Both versions may be erected horizontally or vertically. However, the optimum configuration is shown above (sloping at about 30°). Click here to view frequency chart.

Both versions include the MLB balun, antenna wire, end insulators and nylon rope. This antenna is ready to accept a PL259 plug from the lead-in cable you supply. The lead-in cable, radio, house and tree are not included. Additional lightning-surge protection devices are suggested for most installations.

If you live near the ocean or in a bad weather area you might consider the stainless steel versions of these antennas.

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